Led by the PMA Director, Cahal McLaughlin, many people have worked on the PMA since the mid-2000s. 

Small film crews set up at each prison site to record participants’ stories in 2006 and 2007. From 2016-2020, a dedicated team at QUB has worked to catalogue, document and curate the archive for future generations.

The professional staff on our team – archivists, editors and outreach workers – have provided technical, archival, legal, administrative and creative expertise to the project. In this the staff at QUB has been provided with excellent support and guidance from the archival and technical staff at the Public Record Office. In addition, several MA and PhD researchers have contributed valuable research as well as practical voluntary support to the PMA.

Finally, participants themselves have been involved at all stages of production, preservation and exhibition. Following the completion of the Heritage Fund project in 2020, the project Advisory Group will offer oversight and advice on how the archive is maintained and managed into the future. The Advisory Group is made up of participants themselves and the PMA project owes a debt of gratitude to those participants who have been involved over the years and contributed so much to it. Special thanks are due to Joanna McMinn and Jenny Meegan for chairing the Advisory Group.

Visual Voices of the PMA Project Team (2016-2020)

Panellists answering audience questions on stage


Cahal McLaughlin

Project Manager

Conor McCafferty

Project Manager | 2016 – 2018

Lorraine Dennis

Project Archivist

Kate Keane

Assistant Archivist

Annie Russell

Outreach and Communications Officer

Rosie Hickey

Archival Film Editors

Kevin McSorley

Danny Meegan

Rob Wilkie

Project Assistants

Gillian Myles

Rachael Stevenson-Reynolds

Conan Hickland


Frank Adrain

Michael Burns

Sarah McDonagh

Jamie McRoberts

Amy Mehta

Laura Murphy

Technical Partners

Profile Tree (Web Development)

Sean Greer Design (Graphic Design)

Copyright Advisor

Ronan Deazley

Technical Advisor

Fabian Campbell-West

Independent Project Evaluator

Karen McMinn

Film Crew and Initial Post-Production (2006-2016)


Cahal McLaughlin

Production Manager

Lorraine Dennis

Camera Operators

Ray Carlin

Michael Doyle

Brian Drysdale

Chris Martin

Cahal McLaughlin

Deirdre Noonan

Paddy Stevenson


Darcy Alexandra

Veronica Carson

Larry Cowan

Brian Jeffers

Andrea Kilpatrick

Dominic McAleer

Dom McAteer

Greg McGuinness

Brigid McLaughlin Barnett

Oscar McLaughlin Barnett

Rian McLaughlin Holland

Jennifer Toman


Laura Aguiar

Federica Bonacini

Sarah Feinstein

Jolene Mairs-Dyer

Jamie McRoberts

Michelle Moloney

Jenny Carlsten


Laura Aguiar

Jolene Mairs-Dyer

Danny Meegan

Web Developer (2012)

Peter Keighron