The Prisons Memory Archive (PMA) is a collection of filmed walk-and-talk recordings with those who had a connection with Armagh Gaol and Maze and Long Kesh during the conflict known as the Troubles in Northern Ireland / the North of Ireland.
In 2006 and 2007, the filmmakers invited an inclusive range of people – loyalist and republican former prisoners and internees, prison officers and governors, visitors, educators, journalists, probation officers, welfare workers, and chaplains – to revisit the prison sites and recount their experiences there. The result is a rich, multi-narrative collection that preserves personal memories of these historical sites from different viewpoints.
In the recordings, participants recall numerous aspects of the prisons during the conflict. Themes include the experience of internment; everyday life for prisoners and prison officers; the culture of different organisations in the prisons; education, art and crafts; and the architecture and facilities of the prisons as they changed over time. Many participants offered deeply personal recollections of some of the most challenging and momentous events in recent history.
Thanks to a partnership between the Public Record Office (PRONI) and Queen’s University Belfast, supported by a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, the PMA collection is now preserved and available to the public. Full recordings, catalogued in detail, can be viewed at PRONI. The PMA website features numerous extracts, education resources, short- and feature-length documentary films, interactive maps of the prison sites and background to the prisons during the conflict.

The PMA Team

Led by the PMA Director, Cahal McLaughlin, many people have worked on the PMA over the years. Small film crews set up at each prison site to record participants’ stories in 2006 and 2007. In the years since, researchers, archivists, film editors and outreach staff have been working to catalogue, document and curate the archive for future generations.

Former Emergency Control Room TV screens still

Ethical Framework

The PMA’s ethical framework ensured that a wide range of participants felt comfortable to have their stories recorded. After the recordings were made, participants have retained co-ownership of their contributions.

Cell window overlooking blooming flowers.

Participant Testimonials

During the lockdown in summer 2020, the PMA held a special online event to celebrate the transfer of the collection to PRONI and the launch of the new project website. During the event, participants reflected on why they wanted to get involved in the PMA, and their memories of recording at the prison sites

A visual of all of the participants for the PMA.

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Further Readings


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Selected Filmography

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Ireland and UK


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Non-Fiction Films
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The Far Side of Revenge

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The Road of Women: Voices of Irish Women Political Prisoners

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Unheard Voices

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Connie Field 1980

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Our Feelings Took the Pictures: Open Shutters Iraq ​

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S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine

Rithy Panh 2003


Claude Lanzmann 1985

We Never Give Up I and II

Cahal McLaughlin 2002 and 2012