We Were There (2014)

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We Were There features the unique experiences of women in the predominantly male world of the Maze and Long Kesh during the conflict in Northern Ireland / the North of Ireland. The film includes the stories of a prison officer’s wife, prisoners’ relatives, Open University tutors, Probation Service staff and a visual artist. The film – edited in collaboration with the participants themselves – explores how the prison impacted on women’s lives, how they coped with the absence of their loved ones, and highlights the important contribution to the peace process by educational and welfare staff.

Year of Production



61 minutes


Fionna Barber | Carolyn Courtney | Amanda Dunsmore | Louise Little | Siobhan Maginn | Jenny Meegan | Joanna McMinn | Eleanor Mulligan | Mary Nelis | Bernadette O’Hagan | Valerie Owens | Elizabeth Rea | Sandra Spence | Jade Spence | Catherine Watters


Direction: Laura Aguiar and Cahal McLaughlin


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