Below are some films that the Prisons Memory Archive find relevant.


H3 (Les Blair 2001)
Hunger (Steve McQueen 2008)
Hush a Bye Baby (Margo Harkin 1990)
In the Name of the Father (Jim Sheridan 1993)
Silent Grace (Maeve Murphy 2005)
Some Mother’s Son (Terry George 1996)
The Visit (Orla Walsh 1992)


And Then There Was Silence… (The Cost of the Troubles Study 2000)
A Prisoner’s Journey (Cahal McLaughlin 2000)
Bernadette: Notes on a Political Journey (Leila Doolan 2011)
Daughters of the Troubles (Marcia Rock 1996)
Injured (WAVE 2012)
Mother Ireland (Anne Crilly 1988)
The Far Side of Revenge (Margo Harkin 2012)
The Road of Women: Voices of Irish Women Political Prisoners (Melissa Thompson – no date specified)
Unheard Voices (Cahal McLaughlin 2010)
Voices from the Grave (Kate O’Callaghan 2010)
We carried your Secrets (Declan Keeney 2009)


The Invisible War (Kirby Dick 2012)
The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter (Connie Field 1980)
Mur/Wall (Simone Bitton 2004)
Nostalgia de la Luz (Patricio Guzman 2010)
Our Feelings Took the Pictures: Open Shutters Iraq (Maysoon Pachachi 2009)
Prohibido Recordar (Josua Martinez and Txaber Larreteagi 2010)
Return to the Land of Wonders (Maysoon Pachachi 2003)
S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine (Rithy Panh 2003)
Shoah (Claude Lanzmann 1985)
We Never Give Up I and II (Cahal McLaughlin 2002 and 2012)