A Floor Plan of Level Two of the Armagh Gaol.
Hospital Chapel A-Wing (A2) B-Wing (B2) Guard Room


Located above the circle, beside the chapel. (It was inaccessible during PMA filming.) It replaced an earlier hospital building that was located in the yard.


“We used to show the films in here on a Sunday afternoon, you know, the old projector would have been down here” - Prison officer

“There was three services here. There was Presbyterian, Methodist and Church of Ireland. So we put our names down for all three so we could get out here instead of being locked in our cells. Everybody thought we were converted but we weren’t.” - Prisoner

“Basically what people went to mass for was because it meant the sentenced prisoners and the remand prisoners could mix and that’s when you were able to talk and comms got passed back and forth” - Prisoner

The chapel was multi-denominational and held a variety of services. The chapel was located directly above the ‘circle’, at the intersection of A and B-Wings, with doors onto both wings. Services in the chapel allowed sentenced and remand prisoners from A and B-Wings to meet, and offered potential for items to be passed between prisoners. Films were also shown in the chapel via a projector on Sunday afternoons.

A picture of the chapel when entering from the prison.

A-Wing (A2)

“You knew the girls in this wing had a lot harder time than the girls in B wing” - Prisoner

A-Wing was composed of two floors (A1 and A2), with the laundry below. A1 was used for ODCs (ordinary decent criminals), while the upper floor (A2) was used for political and remand prisoners. The no wash protest (1980-81) took place in A-Wing. For matters of practicality, prisoners on the no wash protest were moved to the ground floor of the wing (A1).

“Everybody up here was political.” - Prisoner

“If you can imagine this place as really buzzing with people, because at that stage the place was becoming really overcrowded, there was that many girls coming in. but if you can imagine your washing, your towels and all, they would have hung over to get them dried” - Prisoner

looking up to A-Wing Level 2 in the Armagh Gaol.
top floor cells in the Armagh Gaol.
Window grid throwing shade on the second floor.
A shot through the door of the Top floor.
A shot of the top floor in the Armagh Gaol.
window grid throwing shade on the prison wall.
Cell window view.
A picture of the Armagh Goal A-Wing 2nd floor

B-Wing (B2)

B-Wing was composed of three floors (B1, B2 and B3), with the dungeons below. B3 was used for remand prisoners, with sentenced prisoners on the lower floors. B-Wing was used for protesting prisoners (i.e. prisoners who wouldn’t do prison work and thus lost privileges and were locked up more than conforming prisoners).

“This here would have been full when I came here in 1978, full to bursting, yes, in fact they would have been doubled up, yes, prisoners would have been doubled up in their cells” - Prison officer

“It was just a buzz, a hive of activity” - Prison officer

“The first night you have to actually fight against the claustrophobia” - Prisoner

B-Wing 2 window
B-Wing 2 showing the three floors of the prison.
A panoramic of B-Wing in the Armagh Gaol.
B-Wing 2 pan from right with D2 sign
A pan of B-Wing 2 from the left.
A pan of B-Wing 2 from the left.
Shot of the B-Wing 2 floor
B-Wing 2 corridor
B-Wing 2 cell window
Shot of B-Wiing 2 from the chapel
Armagh Gaol B-Wing 2nd floor

Guard Room

Located on each wing, the guard room was where officers were stationed during ‘night guard’.