Trailer for ’Armagh Stories:

Voices from the Gaol’ (60 mins.)

Unseen women

A snippet of the stories of women who worked or spent time the Armagh Gaol – a women’s prison at the height of the troubles.

We were there

A clip of the memories of women who worked in the Maze and Long Kesh, and those who visited family and friends there.

Maze and Long Kesh

A moving summary of the walk and talk tours around the Maze and Long Kesh.

Inside Stories

Inside Stories: Memories from the Maze and Long Kesh Prison contains the stories of three ex-occupants of the prison complex who return to the empty prison – a republican ex-prisoner, a loyalist ex-prisoner, and a prison officer. The locations were used to stimulate memories and guide the narratives of the three participants. It has been complemented by the contribution of two Open University tutors. This one and a half hour recording is available to public libraries and learning institutions for free. Please contact us for more information.